Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Mac!

While most people were enjoying their nice, relaxing Labor Day, I was mourning the loss of my sweet old computer!! Yes, my computer offically crashed on Monday! I had noticed that it was running a little slower than normal, but I was trying to think on the positive side... I just did not think that it would really die on me! But, there was no denying the fact when smoke was coming out the back of it! It was a sad day... I lost a few things, mostly bookmarks to websites of extremely creative people and 1st birthday ideas (yes, I am already planning baby girl's 1st party). But, thanks to my responsible husband, most of our stuff was backed up on our external hard drive. So, as we put our old computer to rest, we welcomed the arrival of our new MacBook Pro. Needless to say, this week has been about me learning to navigate my way around a Mac and adding everything on here that was missing! I finally had some time today to create this new Christmas design. Please forgive me for slacking on my blog... hopefully now that I am up in running again, I will be back in full action soon!


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