Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black Damask

Hot Pink & Black

Go Cougars!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sweet Girl

Please forgive me for my lack in posts the past few days! I have been devoting my "baby-free" time to designing Save the Dates for one of my best friends growing up! I can not wait to show you some of the new designs, but I will wait until she chooses which one she wants to use!

Until then, here is a new baby girl birth announcement! Looking at the sweet picture of my baby girl makes me miss those newborn days!! Maybe its because she is SLEEPING in this picture! As amazing as that time was, I absolutely LOVE the new stage she is in! It is so much fun to watch them grow and change everyday! Oh, I just love my sweet girl to pieces!!!!

pink & yellow

Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Weekend

Best wishes for a HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!

Turquoise Damask

Baby Shower!

Happy FRIDAY! So far, my week has been so wonderful!

My sister and her sweet baby girl have been in town visiting all week. We have been having so much fun playing with our babies!! As kids, she and I would play dolls all the time and just wish that they were real babies... well, now we really do get to play "dolls" all day long! Its so much fun!!!

This morning, I was able to share a tradition and fond childhood memory with my little doll! I still live in the same town I grew up in. Yes, some may say I need to venture out in the world, but I just love it here... I can't imagine calling any other place home! ... One of my all time FAVORITE events growing up was the town's Fair & Parade. Well, Miss Alexa got to experience her very first parade this morning! (she was in my tummy last year, so we won't count that one)!!! It was so much fun, just as I imagined it would be! She and her cousin did so good! Brookie waved to all the horses and danced to the music of the school bands. Alexa just smiled and soaked it all in! The weather was amazing... simply perfect!!! It brought back so many fun memories of my childhood and I am so excited that I have the opportunity to share some of the same childhood memories with my very own baby! We have big plans to venture out to the fair tomorrow to see all the animals and eat some JUNK food (tomorrow is my cheat day, and I plan on living it up)! Hopefully Alexa will enjoy the fair as much as the parade!

Sorry for the rambling... I just had to share my excitement with you! Back to business...

This is by far one of my favorite baby shower invitations I have done to date! With a simple change in color, it could easily be transformed into a baby shower invite for a little girl. This same design would also make for a super cute photo birth announcement!!! Don't you think?!?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Wild ONE!!!

I know many people say there is NOTHING in this world like being a grandparent! Although I don't know what this is like, I have a feeling being an aunt is a similar enjoyment!! You get to play and have soooooo much fun, and then give them back... there is no obligation to making sure you follow any rules!!! I am so blessed to have 3 precious nieces and a nephew who is cuter than a button! They are all so much fun!!!

My sister (and best friend) had her 1st baby girl in July of 2008. I had just found out I was pregnant when my beautiful niece Brooklyn was born. Maybe it was because I was pregnant, but her birth was so real and emotional to me. I think the reality of the whole process really started to sink in! Brooklyn has been such a joy to watch grow up this past year! I continually take note of how she is growing and developing so I know what to expect of Miss Lexi. I will say... she definitely sets the bar pretty high! ;) She has the sweetest, wildest personality... oh, I just LOVE her! One minute she will rub her little cheek on your hand and say "oooohhhhh", and then the next minute she will be dancing like a wild woman to her music. I love her carefree, fun personality... its refreshing... I wish I had more of that in myself. She is so darn smart too! Sometimes almost too smart for her own good! Her vocabulary is outstanding. She is like a little sponge, continually soaking up every bit of knowledge she can. I know she and Alexa will be the very best of friends as they grow up! I pray for their relationship daily!

Well, in July, Brooklyn celebrated her 1st birthday. Being the crazy kid she is, her momma saw fit that she had a "WILD ONE" birthday! (this also had a bit to do with my sister's LOVE for leopard print)! Everything was decorated with leopard, hot pink, lime green and turquoise. It was stinkin' precious!!! Everything was absolutely perfect! I had the privilege of creating her invitation. I think it turned out exactly as my sister had envisioned it.

In a few days, Brookie will be celebrating her 14 month b-day... So, Happy 14 Month Birthday Brooklyn!! You are a beautiful baby girl, inside and out! I am so proud to be your auntie!!!! I love you!!!!!

Last of the Christmas Cards (more a while anyway!)

Here are my last 2 Christmas designs for a while!! Enjoy!!

Holly, Jolly

Merry & Happy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wreck 'em Tech!

As much as I love Texas Tech, it is so hard for me to sit patiently and watch a football game in its entirety on TV! I am cheering on my Red Raiders ... in between designing some cards! Some may call it "ADHD", I like to call it "multi-tasking"! Well, here is my "Texas Tech Football" inspired card!

Wreck 'em Tech!!!!!


Friday, September 18, 2009

One Tired Momma...

I am too tired to write much on this post! Isn't that pathectic... its 9:45 pm, and I am exhausted! I guess that is just part of mommy-hood! Everyday starts a little earlier than I would choose, therefore they end a little earlier as well! Here are two Christmas designs that I have worked on the past 2 evenings. Some good "mommy-therapy" after a long day!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I am going Christmas shopping (yes, CHRISTMAS shopping in September) at Toys R Us to take full advantage of the 30% discount on Fisher-Price toys!! Gotta love a great deal! :-)

Well this tired momma is done! Goodnight!!


Christmas Tree

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Mac!

While most people were enjoying their nice, relaxing Labor Day, I was mourning the loss of my sweet old computer!! Yes, my computer offically crashed on Monday! I had noticed that it was running a little slower than normal, but I was trying to think on the positive side... I just did not think that it would really die on me! But, there was no denying the fact when smoke was coming out the back of it! It was a sad day... I lost a few things, mostly bookmarks to websites of extremely creative people and 1st birthday ideas (yes, I am already planning baby girl's 1st party). But, thanks to my responsible husband, most of our stuff was backed up on our external hard drive. So, as we put our old computer to rest, we welcomed the arrival of our new MacBook Pro. Needless to say, this week has been about me learning to navigate my way around a Mac and adding everything on here that was missing! I finally had some time today to create this new Christmas design. Please forgive me for slacking on my blog... hopefully now that I am up in running again, I will be back in full action soon!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Enjoy your Saturday!




Happy Holidays

Friday, September 4, 2009

2 in one Day!

The good part about an early morning is that naptime is even longer!! Therefore, I have time for 2 posts in one day! Here are a few more cards...

Happy New Year

Hope, Joy, Love


Early Morning

One of the many joys of having a six month old is that they like to keep you on your toes!!! At the ripe age of 6 1/2 weeks, baby girl started sleeping through the night until 7:00 a.m... truly an answered prayer! However, this morning she decided sleeping was a little overrated! She woke us up at 5:30! For those of you who don't know me, I value my sleep, A LOT! So, what started out as a rough morning turned into a productive one. I was able to rock my precious girl back to sleep in one hand and design a few more Christmas cards with the other! Let me know what you think of my early morning creations!




Thursday, September 3, 2009

Less Than 4 Months Away!

Yes, its true... Christmas is less than 4 MONTHS AWAY! If you are like my husband, you may be a *little* annoyed by my Christmas enthusiasm, but I truly can not wait for the holidays! Christmas is my very favorite day of the whole year {ok, maybe my birthday is my favorite, but its high on the list}! But, this Christmas will be far greater than any other year... Its my Baby Girl's very 1st!! I am beyond excited! I have been working on her Christmas list for the past 2 months!

In between making my Christmas lists, I have also been working on some cards for the holidays! If you are interested in any of these designs, please contact me for more information! Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas {less than 4 months early}!!!
Funky Chrismas
Brown & White Snowflakes

Black & White Damask

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Welcome to Lexi Jayne's Designs!!!! First, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our blog! Designing and creating cards has been a passion of mine for a long time. After the birth of my daughter, we made the decision that I would be a permanent stay-at-home mom. I love each and everyday I am home with her and would not trade it for the world. However, I slowly began to notice that I was not using my brain and creativity a whole lot anymore!! Unfortunately, it doesn't take very much talent to change a diaper!! So, after a lot of prayer, I have decided to venture out and start my own *little* business from home! I will get to use my creative side and not miss a single smile while doing so.... The best of both worlds in my opinion!!! I would love to help you create a birth announcement, invitation, save the date, Christmas card, or anything you can imagine. Feel free to email me with any questions or ideas! Thanks for joining me on this new journey... hopefully its a fun one!!!